About Us

Our primary Flight Crew have more than seventy-five years of combined flight experience…

George Camarata, Co-Owner of Aerocrop has 39 years of flight experience and Connie Camarata have owned and operated Aerocrop with a amazing team have been based out of the Vermilion Airport since they opened their doors.


GEORGE-800Aerocrop provides aerial application of herbicides,insecticides, fungicides along with aerial seeding of cover crops and soy beans, dry and liquid fertilizers. Aerial application accounts for nearly 25% of crop protection application. It provides the fastest, most efficient economical way to get the job done. Aerial application, or what was formerly referred to as crop dusting, involves spraying crops with crop protection products from an agricultural aircraft. Planting certain types of seed are also included in aerial application. The specific spreading of fertilizer is also known as aerial topdressing in some countries. Planting certain types of seed are also included in aerial application. Our seasoned pilots are highly skilled in aerial application missions, and our technicians and service personnel support our operation with expert maintenance and repairs