Aerial Spraying Services – at a Glance

  • Crop Protection

    We save you money by being able to protect your entire crop with aerial spraying which also has less impact on your soil and is much faster and economical.


  • Increase Yields

    Who doesn’t want a higher yield from your crops. Bigger yields equal a bigger payday. Let us help increase your payday!


  • Experience

    With over 75 years experience our team is the most qualified and respected to make sure our customers are well taken care of.


aeroC 029-400

We can locate our mobile tank trucks to your location or refill your applications from our central location on the Vermilion County Airport in Danville.

• Ability to apply crop protection products in a timely and efficient manner

• More economical coverage of large areas

• Can treat crops faster than ground machines, which is critical for disease/pest control

• Not limited by wet soil conditions when ground machines can’t operate

• No crop damage and losses from tire tracks, compaction, etc.

• Does not spread fungal spores